Project Management Training

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What is TSI’s Project Management Training?

Training is an essential part of any delivery team’s success as it enables the growth and development of employees. TSI provides in-depth training focused on many areas including 项目管理, continuous improvement, process improvement, organizational change management, 业务分析, constituent experience.

TSI’s Project Management training offers a wide range of options to help build delivery capabilities within teams and organizations. Whether you are looking for a baseline, a beginner-level 项目管理 workshop, 或深入, advanced-level training, TSI will provide tailored options to meet those needs. Our PM framework is grounded in the Project Management Body of Knowledge and offers practical approaches for Delivery Effectiveness.

TSI Training Offers:

Project manager leading 项目管理 training


TSI believes that 项目管理 is a critical function for any project. Well-developed 项目管理 teams, 适当的工具, the know-how to effectively manage all lead to success. TSI pulls from over 25 years of practical knowledge in 项目管理. We combine that with refined and continually updated content to offer training for the appropriate skills and knowledge to meet your needs.

Not everyone on your team needs PMI certification. Our experienced team of consultants delivers training in a manner that weaves the important concepts of the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) into the practical application for delivery success. Our 项目管理 training provides a consistent understanding for your teams and organization which helps to level set expectations, 行动, 和结果.


We train teams in order to facilitate the improvement of 项目管理 capabilities. We equip you with the skills and tools necessary to initiate projects, create comprehensive and well-thought-out project plans. We also implement intentionally designed processes to monitor and control initiatives, as well as evaluate, 评估, manage deliverables that ensure on time, 预算, to specified requirements delivery for successful projects.


TSI customizes its core content to focus on the topics that are most important to you. This includes focusing on the learning outcomes that are most related to your needs and creating unique case studies for your specific industry and problem areas. Our approach allows for better practical application of the concepts and reduces the knowledge loss from applying unrelated concepts focused on different industries or functional examples.

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