With an ardent desire to serve our clients, TSI espouses a “servant leader” model in the context of wanting to work on challenging projects that will truly make a difference within the organizations we serve. 为此, the following values are fundamental to the individuals who join TSI so that we remain true to the culture we have adopted, as well as how we operate as a team on an ongoing basis.



无论是个人还是团队, we strive to make a difference and to deliver results, value and expertise in everything that we do.  We strive to provide value in excess of our costs. If we are in a position w在这里 we cannot add value or if our role is defined such that our value is minimized, we will proactively discuss this with our client and make a decision regarding how to proceed.


As a management and process improvement consulting firm, we must have efficient processes and be 容易做生意.  这意味着, 不管澳博app下载的背景如何, we present a consistent client “user interface” and create consistent deliverables/documents based on previously established standards.


We need to be clear, consistent and frequent communicators – both verbally and in written form.


澳博app下载与澳博app下载的互动, our professional outward appearance – how we present ourselves, listen and speak to colleagues and clients and our behavior at client locations – should be a manifestation of the TSI brand.  在任何时候, especially while working with clients, colleagues and at client locations, 澳博app下载的行为, behavior as well as our appearance will be courteous and professional.


We embrace the diversity of our team and clients.  进一步, we believe that valuing diversity and inclusion is necessary to produce exceptional results.  We are committed to the open sharing of the distinct talents, 的想法, and experiences of both our team and our customers who come from a rich variety of backgrounds.


We begin and end projects and activities 当 promised and within estimated costs.  尽管范围变更, at no time shall we invoice more or deliver our promised results later than promised without the proper communication and sign-off by our client.  当范围发生更改时, we will discuss these immediately with our client and decide how to proceed.


We “walk our talk” and do so in a punctual manner.  If we say we have skills or expertise in specific areas, we will demonstrate these on an ongoing basis.


While we are servant leaders, we are advisors to our clients.  Neither subordinate nor superior, we will work together as a team.  进一步, regardless of whether we have good or bad news (re: our assessment of a client’s situation or our progress on a project), we are obligated to tell the truth while being diplomatic and not understated.  换句话说, we will neither exclaim that “the sky is falling” 当 indeed it is not; nor will ensure our clients that everything should be alright, 当, 事实上, we cannot guarantee that it will be.


比如私人教练或教练, TSI’s role is often to facilitate, lead and influence our client’s behavior to achieve their desired end results.  Frequently, this means we must challenge (diplomatically and with respect) the status quo. This may tread on friendships and relationships that are developed during our projects.  Our priority is to be viewed as effective and valuable at the end of a project rather than well-liked during the course of a project.


Since a client’s problems and opportunities often define the scope of our work, we will keep these confidential within TSI’s walls. 进一步, we will always practice good judgment in our conversations, behavior and overall conduct with client personnel and on our client and TSI facilities. To hear what our clients say about us, click 在这里.